The Heart That Grew Three Sizes Advent Bible Study

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Alexander Chapel

The Heart That Grew Three Sizes Advent Bible Study

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Led by Pastor Ray, adapted from Matt Rawle’s work

Presented on Tuesday, Dec 6 and 13 at 6:30-7:30 pm

Zoom connection: Meeting ID: 833 7606 6627   Passcode: 134864

Study Introduction:

If you haven’t seen The Grinch Who Stole Christmas in a while, here’s a YouTube playlist:


  • Gather, opening prayer
  • Watch the first (third) teaching video, followed by 10-15 minutes discussion
  • Watch the second (fourth) teaching video, followed by 10-15 minutes discussion
  • Final thoughts and close

Please reply if you plan on attending and we’ll send you the discussion questions. We’ll also have some printed at the church.

Discussion Questions:

Session 1: When Everything is Wrong

  • First thing you think about when you hear about the Grinch.
  • Should we hate the Grinch or is he worthy of our sympathy?
  • The Grinch hated Christmas. Hate doesn’t need much of a reason to consume us!
  • Hate takes something beautiful, makes it a weapon, and makes it ugly.
  • Perfection is not a reason for not celebrating Christmas well.
  • Amos 5:15, 21-24. What do we hate?
  • Peace hate war; Hope hate despair; Joy stamps out mourning; Love hates evil, holds on to good
  • Advent expectation vs God’s gifts. Disarmed, space for peace. Without peace …
  • Peace contrasts the exhausting and destructive behavior of hate.

Session 2: When Christmas Isn’t Christmas

  • Parody.  Do you have a favorite parody? Doesn’t have to be Christmas.
  • Jonah absurd story to point out an absurd truth. To be angry with God’s grace is absurd.
  • Seasonal, cultural markers aren’t the miracle itself, even though they can point to the truth.
  • The Grinch is upset with the markers. The pandemic gave us a glimpse of losing the markers.
  • Deep insight: The forgiveness of Babylon (Magi). Egypt’s redemption (Flight to Egypt)
  • Key is to point to Christ.
  • Poetry vs Blueprint.  Hope offers a different narrative. Isaiah 11:1-4

Session 3: When Light Shines

  • The Grinch operates in the darkness of night.
  • Darkness is the absence of light. Bad: Hide and obscure things. Good: can heighten other senses
  • Luke 2:8-9, Jesus born in the evening/night. Glory of the Lord a bit brighter.
  • Grinch and Cindy, why are you taking the tree away? Moral compass.
  • An effortless lie often reveals a truth hiding under the surface. Conceals.
  • Story of the Belsnickle.  Christmas is about the kindness and generosity.
  • Jesus grew in wisdom, glimmer of vulnerability of the Incarnation.
  • Love came down at Christmas … Jesus!
  • What are you doing? What sign are we offering to the world?

Session 4: When Joy Is Our Song

  • The Grinch succeeded in taking away their Christmas, but …
  • Music can be the vehicle to move us.  Major/minor key.
  • Consider that we are a song, and our role is to be in harmony.
  • Difficult to hear the song with a hard or small heart.
  • Advent and Christmas are saturated with music!
  • Pandemic: suspending singing … something missing.
  • It is a song that transforms the Grinch. “how can I keep from singing”
  • Christmas is about Love, Jesus is what God’s love looks like
  • The Whos forgave the Grinch
  • The Grinch, the outsider is now at the head of the table.  Wreath / halo
  • Christmas is our story that Love is the lord of heaven and earth. How can we not sing?!


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12-13-2022 @ 06:30 PM to
12-13-2022 @ 07:30 PM


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