Good Friday Tenebrae Service


Call to Worship

  • “Let the Bells ring out calling the community to join us”, Bells ring


Introduction to the Service

Opening Prayer

Congregational  Hymn – Beneath the Cross of Jesus (slide deck, hymnal 297) 

Psalter  Reading: (Psalm 118:19-29)

Introduction to Tenebrae

Video: That’s My King – Dr. S.M. Lockridge

Reading 1: Mt 26:17-29 The Last Supper 

Extinguish Candle

Reading 2  – Mt 26:36-46 Jesus Prays  Video

Extinguish Candle

Your Grace Still Amazes Me

Reading 3: Mt 26:47-56 Jesus is betrayed and arrested Video

Extinguish Candle

Reading 4: Mk 15:1-5 Jesus before Pilate

Extinguish Candle

Music  Via Dolorosa

Drama – Person draped in black places the crown of thorns on the cross

Reading 5 – Mk 15:16-23 Jesus is crucified

Extinguish Candle

sound of the nails being hammered – Moment of silence

Reading 6 – Mk 15:24-32 Jesus is crucified  

Extinguish Candle

Reading 7 Mt 27:45-54 Jesus dies on the cross  

Extinguish candle

Video: Good Friday Drama Clip The Roman Centurion

Choir – The Old Rugged Cross – Alexander and Friends Choir 

Reading 8 – Mt 27:57-61 Jesus is laid in the tomb 

Extinguish Candle

Reading 9 John 11:25-26   

Music –  Written in Red

Drama: During the song the Crown is placed over the Christ Candle 

Video Sunday’s Coming Dr. S.M. Lockridge

Benediction and Reminder to leave in Silence