Worship Service March 28

By on March 28, 2021

March 28, 2021 Order of Worship Palm Sunday

Welcome and Announcements

Lighting of the Altar Candles

Call to Worship Palm Sunday Proclamation:

We praise you, O God,
for your redemption of the world through Jesus Christ.
He entered the holy city of Jerusalem in triumph
and was proclaimed Messiah and king
by those who spread garments and branches along his way.
Just as our children carry these branches today.
Let us remember and give thanks for Christ has come and Christ will come again! AMEN!

Palm Sunday Processional Waving of the Palms

Hymn of Praise: Hosanna Loud Hosanna

Lighting the Lenten Candle – Prayer of Illumination

Dear Father in heaven, as we continue on the Lenten Journey to the cross, grant that we may come to your Spirit, that something of trust and perseverance may be born in us for our life on earth. May we always be loyal and full of hope, working and striving not only for what is earthly good, but for the tasks that have been laid on us for your kingdom and its righteousness. Let the light of Christ shine out among us always. Let your voice be heard so that the great gospel that makes us your children may be proclaimed to people of all circles. Amen.

Palm Sunday Readings

Zechariah 9:9
Psalm 118: 26-29

Hymn on Faith: Once Again

Apostles Creed and Gloria Patri

Offering and Doxology

Meditation for Prayer

Pastor Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer

Scripture: Matthew 21:6-11; 26:57-68

Sermon: Who Is This?

Closing Hymn: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross


May God, whose arms were spread on the cross to embrace the whole world, help us this week to take up the cross and follow him. God be with You and give you grace for the journey. Amen.

Go and share the Gospel. God and be the Church.


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