Worship Service November 29

By on November 29, 2020

Alexander Chapel UMC Worship Service, Sunday November 29, First Sunday of Advent

Welcome and Announcements

Introduction to Advent and Lighting the Advent Candle:

In the anticipation of the coming Christ Child we look forward to Christmas Day as we remember that God faithfully keeps all His promises.

Just as Christ came and lived among us so Christ will return and so the promise of Christmas is the reminder of what God has done and our assurance of what God is doing and will do in the future.

Today, on this first Sunday of Advent, the theme of “Paying attention” dominates. We are called to be ready to receive something life-changing, something wholly new. In the light of the deep darkness which descended upon the lives of the people, the song of the angels has come reminding us that there is hope – something stupendous is about to happen. Yet no one knows the hour and so we excitedly look back and forward as we walk in the present knowing God is ever present, in control and His timing is always perfect.


Let the bells ring out calling us to worship together as we gather in many different place at different times.

Prepare the Way for the Lord

And now, in this place and among your people gathered
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Into this broken world we call planet earth
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Into this busy place that we call home
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Into this fragile group of your people
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Into cold hearts and dulled minds
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Where there is no peace
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Where people shout in the wilderness
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Where people walk in darkness
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
O Come Lord Jesus and help us find room for you in our hearts. Amen.

Choral Response: O Come O Come Emmanuel

Prayer of Illumination:

God of love and mercy, we thank you for your loving presence in our lives. You have formed us in your image and you continue to transform us as we grow in faith. Break through the darkness in our lives and let the light of your love flood in, that we may become more productive disciples of Jesus Christ. AMEN.

Psalter: Psalm 103: 17 -22

But the steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting
on those who fear him,
and his righteousness to children’s children,
18 to those who keep his covenant
and remember to do his commandments.

19 The Lord has established his throne in the heavens,
and his kingdom rules over all.
20 Bless the Lord, O you his angels,
you mighty ones who do his bidding,
obedient to his spoken word.
21 Bless the Lord, all his hosts,
his ministers that do his will.
22 Bless the Lord, all his works,
in all places of his dominion.
Bless the Lord, O my soul.

Hymn of Praise: Birthday of a King

Affirmation of Faith: The Apostles’ Creed

Gloria Patri

Offering and Doxology

Meditation for Prayer played by Cynthia

Pastor Prayer

Sermon Scripture: Isaiah 55:1-9

Sermon: Anticipating Hope – We’ve Been Invited

Closing Song: What Child is This


And may God clothe you in the light of Christ;
May Christ Jesus teach you his ways;
And may the Holy Spirit keep you alert and prepared
for the coming day of the Lord.

We go in peace to love and serve the Lord,
…In the name of Christ. Amen.

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God and be the church

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