Worship Service Jan 14

2nd Sunday after the Epiphany

Worship is the highest activity of a person whose sole and ultimate aim is God’s glory.


Gathering and Prelude

Call to Worship 

Response to the Call: Majesty 176

Welcome, Greeting, Life of the Church

Prayer of Illumination

Worship Moment 

Hymn of Praise and Faith: How Great Thou Art   77 al 

Responsive Reading: Psalm 139:1-6   854

Apostles Creed: 881  

Gloria Patri: 71

Offering Dedication and Offertory 

Doxology – hymnal #95 

Centering Music 

Prayer Shawl Dedication

Prayers of the People: Inset 

Scripture: John 1:43 – 51

Sermon: That Eureka Moment

Hymn: Jesus Calls Us 398 all

Commissioning and Benediction

Prayers of the People

Leader: Gracious Lord, you are Lord of our beginnings, our endings and all that lies between.

People: Lord, we praise you for you have poured out upon us blessing after blessing.  While we were yet sinners, you reached out to us and you continue to speak to us  through your Word, prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Leader: Help us to live our faith in ways that bring honor to your name. We confess that we often fail to be your faithful people.  Hear us as we individually confess our sins, repent and seek to draw closer to you.

People: Lord, hear our prayer, forgive and draw us close to you.

Leader: We give thanks that you took our sins upon yourself – suffering pain and death. It is with thanksgiving and praise that we rejoice in Christ’s resurrection and our salvation.

People: Oh God, help us to commit ourselves to you more fully than ever before.

Leader: We pray for those who are sick and for those grieving many kinds of loss. We ask you to meet their needs.

People: Lord, hear us as we lift those who have asked for prayer on the prayer chain.  We ask for your blessing upon those in our community who are in need of a special touch of your grace today.

Leader: Today we pray for America and its leaders.  Lord, send holy revival to our land.  Be with all who place themselves in dangerous places for our safety and grant their families peace.  Make us mindful of our many blessings.

People: Lord, hear our prayer for peace in the world. We pray for the ministry of the Church throughout the world.

Leader: We ask for your continued guidance and protection upon Alexander Chapel UMC.  Make us good stewards of all you have entrusted to our care. Guide our church leaders and the mission you have for this church.

People: Lord, hear our prayers and lead us.

Leader: continue to mold Pastor Ray and Pastor Marjory to be your faithful pastors. We ask you to bring the anointing of your Holy Spirit upon Hank as he proclaims the message today. We make our prayer in the name of Jesus our Lord united together as we pray:

All: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  Amen

Life of the Church

ABCCM FOOD DONATIONS: Donation Basket at  Front Door. We dedicate our gifts on Communion Sundays.

Medical Lending Closet Flyers are available to distribute to friends and places that will post them. 

The daily prayer chain goes out after 8pm. Send requests to prayer@alexanderchapel.org. Prayer shawls are also available. Questions? Contact Pastor Marjory.

Fellowship 4 U resumes our 4th Sunday after church gathering on January 28th. Bring a light lunch and gather downstairs.

Ladies Loving the Lord: We will NOT have a gathering this month. See you in February!

We welcome Hank Jackson this morning as he brings today’s message. 

PPRC meets with the District Superintendent following the service

Winter Weather: If conditions are unsafe for an in person worship service, we will hold a virtual service using the Livestream information above.